We deal in
Film Face Shuttering Ply

It's Unique Feature Includes:

Selected naturally are durable cross band veneers impregnated with specially formulated phenol resin and phenol film.
Plywood pack made of veneers and cross band resin impregnated veneers. Face veneer on either side topped with phenol resin impregnated film. Pressed with stainless steel plates and laminated under very high pressure and heat.

Special properties and end benefits for the customers include:
• High strength.
• Stability.
• Resilience.
• Superior resistance to water/heat and severe climatic conditions.

Smooth mirror like finish on both surfaces, which reflect on the concrete construction and scaffolding forworks which in return lead to a huge 40 percent COST SAVING.

*Re-usability up to several times on either side depending on careful handling in respect of fixing, removal, storage, oiling and handling